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We offer a wide variety of color techniques to give you just what you are looking for. Paul Mitchell and All Nutrient  are our top choices for hair color. We also have Scruples color as well. With our color lines we believe in caring products that work great but also keep your hair looking great. No sense in paying for a great color if it will destroy the intrgrity  of your hair.

All Nutrient is a Certified Organic Hair Color, all the great results without the chemicals

All are Stylists keep up on the latest trends by attending classes and Hair shows. Our goal is to recieve education at least 6 times a year.We want to be able give you the best service we can.

Who wants some curls??  Perms are no longer just "your Grandma's perm" anymore. if you looking for a long sprial perm, to a perm that just gives you some body without to much curl. We can do it all! We use professional perms that are gentle to the hair, so that your curls will look great.

Malibu: Does your hair feel heavy and weighed down? If you answered yes, then a malibu is perfect for you! A malibu deep cleans all the product, Chlorine and other chemicals off of your hair and scalp. It is a 3 step process. It starts by washing your hair with the malibu shampoo to remove the top layer of buildup off of your hair and scalp. Then we use the malibu 2000 treatment which is worked into your hair. This works best under heat from 15 min to an hour, we then rinse and wash that off and condition your hair. your hair will fell clean, light and silky smooth.

Deep Conditioning Treatments: Is your hair feeling dry or brittle? Has it been effected by all the dry air around us? If you said yes a Deep Conditioning Treatment is just what you need. We use our Paul Mitchell, Awaphui Wild Ginger line to give you the best results. Whether you hair is a little dry and justs need a little extra help to the extreme and is breaking off and unmanagable. The Awauphui Wild Ginger had just what you need. Our process bings with a clairfing wash to remove and product buildup of the hair. Then we wash you hair again with the wild ginger shampoo. Then once we have rinsed that off we used a keritin protien to build up strength in your hair, after that has set for a couple min we apply and the awauphui  intesive treatment. For the best result we use heat for 15-30min. then rinse and apply a cream rinse. After that you hair will look and fell amazing!

Special event Makeup: We want you to look your best and be confident with the choice of makeup your wearing, so Crystal suggests that when you come in for trial updo, that is a great day to also try the makeup out and see how it works with your skin to make sure you have no reactions. This will also help her to prepare so that she knows just what you are looking for. Any question regarding makeup please contact Crystal.


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